Open House
Open House
Take a tour of the campus , meet faculty members and students, and do activities with students from your own country and around the world.

Open House
Workshop August 30th - September 1st, 2018 Bangkok University, Rangsit Campus
08.00 - 15.30 Hrs.

* Should arrive before 12 noon.

Schedule of Activities

  • - Business English
  • - Communication Arts
  • - Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • - Culinary Arts and Design
  • - Entrepreneurship
  • - Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • - Innovative Media Production
  • - International Tourism Management
  • - Marketing
- Enjoying online game, getting to know BUI and winning limited edition prize for winners
- Feeling like you are in a fun EduCarnival. Free popcorn and Dunkin Donut will be served by HOT International BUI students
- A chance to meet, greet and talk with our BUI famous stars, such as P’Jane (Fah from Khun Mae Wai Sai serie), P’Pepo and P’Tobtab from Hormone the serie, P’Masu and P’Krating (Khun Narong) from channel 3 and P’Eiffle from Grammy.

open house